Twin Atlantic – Klubben, Stockholm 13/11

Went home for a day without a gig, for me at least. Twin apparently had a tiny acoustic session at a pub in Gamla Stan. The bastards!

But no time to dwell on that, as I’m now on my way to the venue in Stockholm. Therese will meet me up there for dinner and drinks queue style. As you do! Had (tense, what tense?) sushi and blasted Arcane Roots on the portable speakers. Wouldn’t have had to stress so much though,  when I came to the venue we were all of two people there. This changed for the better though, maybe three times as many people as in Copenhagen turned up!

The Xcerts served up a great gig, as usual. I think something was better in Copenhagen but can’t put my finger on what. Might’ve been only a certain lack of vibe at Klubben. And I’m biased, hate the place so not gonna blame the band. Shaking In the Water continued being ear candy and the last song of the setlist continues being the grooviest thing since… sliced bread..? Got a setlist as well so will check song names as soon as I get home. (It’s Slackerpop yo!) ALSO He Sinks, He Sleeps is fantastic.

Time for Twin to get on stage. This time of a size where their flags and Ross’ drums actually fit! Ah, those drums during Brothers and Sisters are too cool. Setlist was the same as Copenhagen, so no Caribbean or Cell Mate. I actually thought their performance this night was even better that at Pumpehuset. To my own surprise because I was pretty sure the venue would steal a lot of the atmosphere. Seems nothing can steal the Twin feel. Crowd was a disappointment but what can you do? At least many turned up!

Sam talked about how he was losing his voice and said reassuring things like “this might be the last gig of the tour”. Only noticeable while he was talking though, went all in in the songs as always. Actually sounded even better than Copenhagen, just a little bit rawer (which, as it happens, I like). It did mean I spent a lot of in between songs time worrying about the to be or not to be of the gig in Oslo. Turned out I had nothing to worry about. (Phew) Went home pretty soon after the gig for 5hours of sleep and then another train trip. Woop!

My phone died after about half the gig this night, so not a single cello picture.


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