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I’ve spent a very calm day out in Nacka at Elin’s place. It’s been great. (It is, I’m still here…) Anyway.. reading, eating, watching tv and drinking tea. Not much else going on. Hope everyone is fine ūüôā

Now I’ll go back to watching ‘The Mentalist’.

Avenged Sevenfold is coming to SWEDEN!


Why, when I was supposed to be in Germany and see Blowsight of course.
So after 5minutes of hysterical planning I’m now going to see Blowsight in Copenhagen and England instead of Germany. Luckily I’d only spent 30‚ā¨ on flight tickets, and I can live with losing those. I’m rather more pissed off about not getting to meet any of the fans yet AGAIN. But on the other hand I’ve been waiting for yeeeears to see Avenged Sevenfold. And now my fever is waaaaay up so I’m gonna go to sleep.

And get back into A7X tomorrow. Haven’t even listened to their newest album yet. Blargh. I’m feeling pretty dead. Goodnight.
OBS! Avenged Sevenfold. Ska spela i Malmö. På KULTURBOLAGET.
Det är så jävla litet så jag vet inte vad. Ska bli.. intressant.


will be working tomorrow. 8th day in a row.
Boosting myself with multivitamin juice and stuff. I will NOT get sick.
I don’t have the time. Not much happening right now otherwise.
Listening to Editors. They are still amazing.


They played at the Bandit party¬†aug 26th¬†and they were aaaawesome. Only time I’ve seen them before was supporting Linkin Park at Globen and the sound was…¬†Well, rather the sound wasn’t. Had to guess what songs they were playing. Not so this time. And ‘Fell In Love With the Game’.. I mean… heheeeeh. And the energy! Way too small stage for them! ūüėÄ
Also, Sonic Syndicate played an acoustic set. Michaela and myself might not have taken it very seriously… Eh. Should have seen us during ‘ My Own Life’. Or you know… Maybe not ūüėČ
Rest of the evening was fun, but not as party as I thought it would be?? Next time! We even went home waay before closing time. Unprecedented?

Got my chance to be fascinated by people again too. Wow. Just…. wow.
Haha and it was so OBVIOUS. Could at least have¬†finished the sentence and THEN chased after ‘im eh? ūüėČ Oh weeell.
And really, I go to completely the wrong gigs to avoid irritating people anyway. I’m a 30 Seconds to Mars fan for heavens sake. They (some of the fans that is) take every prize there ever was.
So I’m just gonna smile and wave… smile and wave…

Dystopia Lane // Fuckin’ Amazing

Snippets can be found ->HERE<-
Apparently they were only up for testing…

Let me tell you, I’m kinda looking forward to the 8gigs I’ve planned to go to. I have a feeling it’s going to be money well spent.
(even though I know some people are thinking I should be spending them on Nephew instead ūüėČ Sorry guys.)

Even if the cover is a bit…
Actually, I love the background. Especially the roller-coaster.

And and and.. Days of rain. That’s all I’m saying.

Oh damn // Madsen

They sound really good… Or you know. At least very listenable. And considering their two support bands that’s all they need. Nice pop/rock that.
Now for the interesting part. (Copypasted from Royal Republic’s Myspace blog):
“And after their headline shows and the tour with the Donots, they will join the German band Madsen for another run in December.”
So will Nephew. Sadly at different dates. At least so far. If it turns out they will actually support at the same time I’m gonna rob a band. HAH, I meant a bank.

No, I never get tired of this one.No, I never get tired of them.

Never try to define a good thing.

Shut up, stop thinking and push your head into a brick wall.
That’ll make it so much easier. Not that I have any choice in facing whatever comes my way.
There’s no avoiding it. Because of… a lot of things.

So I’ll just go along with the ride and try to enjoy it.
Never overthink it.
…and that’s easier said than done