Twin Atlantic – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen 11/11

(All written on my phone at different times during the same day or the day after. Tense, who needs it eh?)

Might as well start on today since I’m in the cold with no wifi (woe is me!). Started the day at 5:30am, miraculously un-hungover. Off to Hamburg Hbf and the train. I slept a lot, and it was good. Arrived in Copenhagen and went to the hostel via the venue. As we may have guessed it was empty except for the lonely blue bus outside. Which doesn’t seem rented btw, but owned. Interesting if you find the life and times of tourbuses interesting. I do, should ask someone about this.

Anywaaay. Onwards to the hostel which. is. awesome. Like a cross between my favourites in London and Birmingham but maybe even better. They have a free dinner! Which I didn’t have any of because I had to be at the venue at 6:30 when dinner started. It’s now a quarter past seven and there’s… six of us here.  I could’ve had dinner. And, well here I am. Listening to The Feud and drinking my beer. Thinking they could let us in now please, it’s actually cold.

Might continue this when I get inside. It’ll be my longest post ever haha.
Inside now and we are… 16 people here.
Oops, gotta continue writing here! Small room was lovely, though really I like everything about Pumpehuset. Had some beer and started talking to two danish girls who were standing beside me. Love meeting new people at gigs! Just one of the many reasons I do this. Turned out to be the right kind of people too, did we rock out or what??

The Xcerts came on and I thought they were even better than the night before. So good live, and Shaking in the Water is a bit of live magic. Wish they would have setlists though, if only so I could remember names and order better. There’s one song that’s ridiculously great live with them and I can’t think of the name now at all. (It’s Slackerpop) Oh well, had a great time anyway!

After about 128 toilet breaks it was time for Twin again! Ah, so good. No Caribbean this time though, and still no Cell Mate. Did get to hear Actions That Echo, which was really good live. Above all Oceans came to its right and was AMAZING. That’s how it should be. Crowd was a lot less wild though, but of course it’s hard to keep up the same amount of energy with only about 75 people there. As a result there was a bit less feeling but hey, me and the danish girls headbanged and jumped as best we could haha. Last part of the setlist was unchanged and Heart And Soul really does hold up as a last song. Epic!

Then followed some beer time (I found dry cider aw yeah) before making it back to the hostel where I looked forward to some deep sleep. That I didn’t get. 200 degrees in the room,  definitely getting a bed in a smaller dorm next time!

Pictures, again unedited and taken with a cracked lens phone camera.
Too many as well, I suck at only picking a few.


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