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so that..

30 Seconds to Mars post I was talking about seems to have to wait a while. They’re making us wait, as usual… Many, like me, have been hanging around their computers for about 8hours now. And I think we all owe our F5 buttons a sincere apology for the abuse… The poor things.

But TONIGHT it’s all about Plan Three.
They’re playing at Harry B James, my 16th time seeing them if I remember correctly. It will most likely be awesome! Fingers crossed for good sound quality and that they play either Tasted You or Tainted (So Cold). Those songs have such great energy that it should be mandatory for them to play at least one of ’em at¬†each gig, haha.


Release: October 4th

The madness has been set in motion. The planning has begun. I love it.


I am BACK, reasons for not writing being: sick (fever and stuff), tired, sucky computer. Things have been hating on me, in short.
But now I have some really good reasons to start up again. Link will hopefully be up soooon! (but that will be an entry all on it’s own)

Upcoming posts will most likely relate to:
30 Second to Mars
Plan Three
and new albums (such as Muse and Three Days Grace for example)

I’ve MISSED writing here. But behold, the concert autumn begins ūüôā
and then there was an active blog, haha.

…back to scouring the forum for info. GOD I’m tired.

Soundtrack of the day

Have no camera, so couldn’t do outfit of the day now could I?
I was working today so ze iPod has been used properly for once. (postman, three hour round, five hours of sorting…)

Trainride to work, sorting – Carpark North, “Gratitude” (2008), “All Things to All People” (2005) & “S/T” (2003)
Mail delivery – Hadouken!, “Music For An Accelerated Culture” (2008),
Andrew W.K, “I Get Wet” (2001)
My Passion, “Corporate Flesh Party” (2009)
Enter Shikari, “Take to the Skies” (2007)
Sorting, second time around – Blowsight, “Destination Terrorville” (2007)
Off to the stable – Carpark North, “Gratitude” (2008)

Carpark North

Recently discovered this amazing danish band thanks to Nick (Blowsight).

Melodic, electronic rock at its best. Reminds me of another band but I can’t for the life of me think of which one. So listen and form you own opinion instead.
Bring¬† the Lights and Leave My Place are two favourites from their latest album, the first one sadly not featured on their myspace. Here’s a youtube link to that one:

Currently listening to:
Carpark North – Bring the Lights
Grateful (2008)

It was…

time for a change. So I’ve split my original blog into two, and this one will be all about the music. My goal is to update on every gig or other music related event, write about all the silly things that happens on roadtrips and try to convey exactly¬†how much your ass hurts after queing for nine hours.

Some of the posts here might also be published on my “general” blog, in swedish. Link will be published at a later time.

Currently listening to:
Muse – Undisclosed Desires
The Resistance (2009)

>> Muse – United States of Eurasia ( +Collateral Damage)
The Resistance (2009)

Concerts 2008

Plan Three
[x] Bandit Boat V, Stockholm-√Öbo 26/4
[x] Peace & Love, Borlänge 27/6
[x] Supporting 3 Doors Down, Arenan, Stockholm 6/11


[x] Support till Takida, Cirkus, Stockholm 13/4
[x] Tantogården, Stockholm 3/5
[x] Moshpit Open, Nykvarn 17/5
[x] East Festival, Skogås 1/6
[x] Black Sheep Festival, Solna 12/6
[x] Ljusteröfestivalen, Ljusterö 17/7
[x] Dino’s Bar, √Öland 26/7
[x] Sports Bar, √Ökersberga 6/9

30 Seconds to Mars
[x] Hammersmith Apollo, London 6/2
[x] Hammersmith Apollo, London 7/2
[x] Columbiahalle, Berlin 5/5
[x] Docks Hamburg, Hamburg 6/5

[x] Bandit Rock Awards Tyrol, Stockholm 1/2
[x] Reel Big Fish Kägelbanan, Stockholm 13/2
[x] Bullet For My Valentine Tyrol, Stockholm 20/2
[x] Dia Psalma Debaser Slussen, Stockholm 19/3
[x] Tiger Army Debaser Medis, Stockholm 10/4
[x] Takida Cirkus, Stockholm 13/4
[x] Fibes, Oh Fibes! Nalen (Stacken), Stockholm 17/4
[x] Eric Gadd Kägelbanan, Stockholm 22/4
[x] Bandit Boat V Stockholm-√Öbo 26-27/4
Live: Plan Three
Bandit Metalizers, Pain, Dead By April, Renegade Five
[x] Poets of the Fall Debaser Slussen, Stockholm 8/5
[x] Dead By April m.fl, Moshpit Open, Nykvarn 17/5
[x] Re:Publik Universitet, Stockholm 24/5
Covenant, Das Ich, Spetznaz m.fl
[x] Mike Nova, Vallentuna 31/5
[x] West Coast Riot Frihamnen, Göteborg 26/6
Tiger Army, Flogging Molly, Bad Religion, The Used, Millencolin m.fl
[x] Peace & Love Borlänge 27/6
Takida, Millencolin, Thåström, The Hellacopters m.fl
[x] Eric Gadd Gröna Lund, Stockholm 22/8
[x] Millencolin Gröna Lund, Stockholm 5/9
[x] Scars on Broadway Debaser Medis, Stockholm 8/9
[x] In Flames + Sonic Syndicate Annexet, Stockholm 30/10
[x] Disturbed Arenan, Stockholm 31/10
[x] 3 Doors Down Arenan, Stockholm 6/11
[x] Funeral For A Friend Kägelbanan, Stockholm 14/11
[x] Black Stone Cherry Klubben, Stockholm 21/11
[x] Bullet For My Valentine Arenan, Stockholm 3/12
[x] Volbeat Kulturhuset, √Ėrebro 10/12
[x] Volbeat Sticky Fingers, Göteborg 12/12
[x] Finger Eleven Klubben, Stockholm 16/12

Total: 37
festivals count as one, always

Concerts 2007


[x] NIN Annexet, 8/4
[x] AFI Arenan, 12/5
[x] Linkin Park Globen, 25/5
Support: Blindside, 30 Seconds to Mars
[x] Stockholm Jazz Festival Skeppsholmen, 17/7
Eric Gadd, Fibes, Oh Fibes!, Steely Dan
[x] Augustibuller Lindesberg, 1/8-5/8
Sonic Syndicate, Franky Lee, Charta 77, The Psyke Project, NY Ska-Jazz Ensemble, The Toy Dolls
[x] Plan Three Bryggeriet Live, Stockholm 1/9
[x] Blowsight Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, 4/9
[x] 30 Seconds to Mars Brixton Academy, London, 14/9
[x] Takida Arenan, Stockholm 1/10 Support: Plan Three
[x] Muse Arenan Hovet, Stockholm 21/10
[x] Muse KB Hallen Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 24/10
[x] Eastpak Antidote Tour Debaser Medis, 31/10
Sonic Syndicate, Soilwork, Caliban, Avatar
[x] Plan Three Nightshift, Karlskoga 2/11
[x] 30 Seconds to Mars promotion Stockholm, 10/11
[x] Plan Three En Trappa Upp, Hallstahammar 17/11
[x] Lars Winnerbäck Annexet, Stockholm 22/11
[x] Plan Three supporting Takida, Magasinet, Falun 23/11
[ ] Blindside Kafé 44, Stockholm, 27/11 Support: Breakaway Fraction

Place got full, so we didn’t get in…
[x] Volbeat Club Helter Skelter, Stockholm, 29/11
[x] Plan Three and Mindless, Tantogården, Stockholm, 13/12
Total: 19
(festivals count as one gig, always)