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Twin Atlantic – Perth Concert Hall, Perth 20/9

As I was moving to the UK anyway, I decided to make a “tiny detour” on my way to Brighton. Via Perth in Scotland no less. This may have added an 11hour coach ride to London, instead of just flying there but as a certain Scottish band were playing I deemed it all worth it. (Turned out to be an incredibly good decision too.)

Came to Perth at around…12? And of course went directly to the concert hall because queueing. Joined Laureen and Marine outside the doors and, well, went on waiting. And had too much coffee and too little proper food, as you do.
Thanks to Danielle being amazing I also had a hotel room for the night, so got to leave all my stuff there and dip my face in some makeup so I’d look reasonably alive. Back to the queue which was fine until the opened the outer doors at 6pm. I mean, it was great to able to go inside to the inner doors, but my blood pressure still can’t handle the last 30minutes before doors at a gig.
We made it in okay after all though, barrier between Barry and Sam.

First out of the support were Model Aeroplanes and they sounded good for two songs and then they sounded the same for the rest of the songs. Good music but not very exciting and not the most fun to watch on stage (yet, anyway). The crowd didn’t react very well, everyone seemed to just be waiting.

And as Fatherson entered the stage it became obvious what the crowd was waiting for. I’d only listened to them on Spotify before, and much as with Nothing But Thieves they didn’t catch my attention. Also much as with Nothing But Thieves I was quite blown away by the live version. The crowd absolutely loved it, completely wild and wonderful. Great gig in all, can’t wait to see them again!

And then it was Twin Atlantic time! I wasn’t sure what to expect since the last time I saw them was at Reading Festival, which of course was massive. Compared to that, Perth Concert Hall felt a lot like it was gonna be a living room gig. Strangely, as Concert Halls usually don’t feel that intimate. Turned out to be exactly that kind of gig though, sweaty, intimate and a 110% amazing from the first song onwards. Edit Me is such a good first song. As a gig, it was possibly the best I’ve ever seen with them.

Then came Oceans and I knew from the start that that might be a hard one for me since I was quite emotional about the whole moving away from home bit. And while I managed to keep that suppressed (and still do) quite well, I knew that if I was gonna break it would be during Oceans. And so it was. Generally I never cry during gigs, but hey, I couldn’t help it. Sam apparently noticed and made it a hundred times worse by maintaining eye contact for the whole damn song (or¬†so it felt like). I mean, I’m trying to push my tears back in here, you’re not helping. Was also accused of making him cry on stage after the show, so I suppose I can put that on my CV now.

Whining aside, it was quite special to share that “my heart is feeling bigger than this whole room” connection with someone who’s actually on the stage. Live music man. Life.

I recovered and proceeded to headbang the rest of the show away which is what I usually do. And with that, I’ve not much more to say, except “it was amazing” about every song. Looking forward to the Budweiser gigs, and trying to figure out which ones I should go to considering uni.
Also, Leeds, which will definitely be the best way to celebrate a 26th birthday ever. Nothing But Thieves and Twin Atlantic on the same weekend, what are the odds? Can’t wait!

Live music is what I live and breathe.

Just updated this years gig list and it’s looking pretty damn good if I may say so myself. Now I just need money and a really fast car for those Tuesdays and Wednesdays…

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 19.14.52

Geiranger (Summer 2015), part 2.

And here are the rest of the photos from my time in Norway!
At long last. They are MANY because I know how bad I am at updating this blog. Especially on this computer, and that’s a valid excuse, ask anyone who’s seen it ūüėČ

Looking at new ones now though, gotta get one this week. I’ve a feeling it’ll be a revalation to start up and use a new one.

Here goes, photo dump!