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Konserter 2009

Plan Three
[x] Akustiskt på Bandit Unpluggedfesten, Harry B James, Stockholm 26/2
[x] Harry B James, Stockholm 9/5
[x] East Festival ’09, Östra Gymnasiet, Trångsund 30/5
[x] Club Astoria, Södertälje 20/6
[x] Stagedive Day Out, Folkets Park, Nykvarn 22/8
[x] Nalen, Stockholm 8/9
[x] Harry B James, Stockholm 30/9
[x] O’Learys, Haninge 3/10
[x] Cirkus, Stockholm 23/11
Supporting Mew
[x] Harrys, Örnsköldsvik 4/12
[x] Nalen, Stockholm 5/12
[x] Orrskogen, Malung 13/12


[x] Bandit Rock Awards Tyrol, Stockholm 30/1
Live: Shinedown, Staind, Dead By April, Johnossi & Deathstars
[x] Blowsight support till Degradead, Debaser Medis, Stockholm 19/2
[x] Volbeat Arenan, Stockholm 5/3
[x] Volbeat Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad 6/3
[x] Volbeat Olympen, Lund 7/3
[x] Librah & Winston Harry B James, Stockholm 19/3
[x] Hide The Knives & Corroded Harry B James, Stockholm 26/3
[x] Tinitus Festival Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm 10/4-11/4
På scen: Trakktor, And One, Combichrist, Die Form, The Klinik, Noisuf-X, Northborne,
Portion Control, Spectra Paris, Suicide Commando

[x] Bandit Boat 7 Silja Galaxy, Stockholm-Åbo 25-26/4
På scen: Hide The Knives, Sparzanza, The Bandit Metalizers, Deathstars, Raubtier
[x] CellOut Alcazar (Nalen), Stockholm 22/5
[x] Hide the Knives Bältesspännarparken, Göteborg 13/6
[x] West Coast Riot Frihamnen, Göteborg 25/6
Live: Social Distortion, Sick of it All, The Knockouts, Raised Fist and more…
[x] Metaltown Frihamnen, Göteborg 26/6-27/6
Live: Volbeat, Disturbed, Slipknot, Dead By April and more…
[x] Arvikafestivalen 2/7-4/7
Live: Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Aesthetic Perfection, Veto and more…
[x] Corroded Harry B James, Stockholm 18/7
[x] Sinners Stomp Psychobilly Sjätte Tunnan, Stockholm 25/7
Live: Zombie Space Pirates, The Kasketeers
[x] Sparzanza Harry B James, Stockholm 30/7
[x] Hide The Knives & Ammotrack Pub Anchor, Stockholm 31/7
[x] Zombie Space Pirates H62, Stockholm 5/8
[x] Stagedive Day Out Folkets Park, Nykvarn 22/8
Live: Sonic Syndicate, My Passion, Andrew W.K, Hadouken! and more…
[x] Sinners Stomp Psychobilly Sjätte Tunnan, Stockholm 29/8
Live: Frantic Flintstones
[x] Black Stone Cherry Göta Källare, Stockholm 5/10
[x] Black Stone Cherry Trädgår’n, Göteborg 7/10
[x] MUSE Hovet, Stockholm 24/10
[x] Rise Against Arenan, Stockholm 30/10
[x] The Living End Debaser Slussen, Stockholm 11/11
[x] Bandit Boat 8 Silja Galaxy, Stockholm-Åbo 13-14/11
Live: Engel, CKY, Mustasch, Royal Republic…
[x] 30 Seconds to Mars Astra, Berlin 20/11
[x] Bandit Most Wanted Debaser Medis, Stockholm 10/12
Live: Hide the Knives, Engel, Corroded and more…


Concerts 2008

Plan Three
[x] Bandit Boat V, Stockholm-Åbo 26/4
[x] Peace & Love, Borlänge 27/6
[x] Supporting 3 Doors Down, Arenan, Stockholm 6/11


[x] Support till Takida, Cirkus, Stockholm 13/4
[x] Tantogården, Stockholm 3/5
[x] Moshpit Open, Nykvarn 17/5
[x] East Festival, Skogås 1/6
[x] Black Sheep Festival, Solna 12/6
[x] Ljusteröfestivalen, Ljusterö 17/7
[x] Dino’s Bar, Åland 26/7
[x] Sports Bar, Åkersberga 6/9

30 Seconds to Mars
[x] Hammersmith Apollo, London 6/2
[x] Hammersmith Apollo, London 7/2
[x] Columbiahalle, Berlin 5/5
[x] Docks Hamburg, Hamburg 6/5

[x] Bandit Rock Awards Tyrol, Stockholm 1/2
[x] Reel Big Fish Kägelbanan, Stockholm 13/2
[x] Bullet For My Valentine Tyrol, Stockholm 20/2
[x] Dia Psalma Debaser Slussen, Stockholm 19/3
[x] Tiger Army Debaser Medis, Stockholm 10/4
[x] Takida Cirkus, Stockholm 13/4
[x] Fibes, Oh Fibes! Nalen (Stacken), Stockholm 17/4
[x] Eric Gadd Kägelbanan, Stockholm 22/4
[x] Bandit Boat V Stockholm-Åbo 26-27/4
Live: Plan Three
Bandit Metalizers, Pain, Dead By April, Renegade Five
[x] Poets of the Fall Debaser Slussen, Stockholm 8/5
[x] Dead By April m.fl, Moshpit Open, Nykvarn 17/5
[x] Re:Publik Universitet, Stockholm 24/5
Covenant, Das Ich, Spetznaz m.fl
[x] Mike Nova, Vallentuna 31/5
[x] West Coast Riot Frihamnen, Göteborg 26/6
Tiger Army, Flogging Molly, Bad Religion, The Used, Millencolin m.fl
[x] Peace & Love Borlänge 27/6
Takida, Millencolin, Thåström, The Hellacopters m.fl
[x] Eric Gadd Gröna Lund, Stockholm 22/8
[x] Millencolin Gröna Lund, Stockholm 5/9
[x] Scars on Broadway Debaser Medis, Stockholm 8/9
[x] In Flames + Sonic Syndicate Annexet, Stockholm 30/10
[x] Disturbed Arenan, Stockholm 31/10
[x] 3 Doors Down Arenan, Stockholm 6/11
[x] Funeral For A Friend Kägelbanan, Stockholm 14/11
[x] Black Stone Cherry Klubben, Stockholm 21/11
[x] Bullet For My Valentine Arenan, Stockholm 3/12
[x] Volbeat Kulturhuset, Örebro 10/12
[x] Volbeat Sticky Fingers, Göteborg 12/12
[x] Finger Eleven Klubben, Stockholm 16/12

Total: 37
festivals count as one, always

Concerts 2007


[x] NIN Annexet, 8/4
[x] AFI Arenan, 12/5
[x] Linkin Park Globen, 25/5
Support: Blindside, 30 Seconds to Mars
[x] Stockholm Jazz Festival Skeppsholmen, 17/7
Eric Gadd, Fibes, Oh Fibes!, Steely Dan
[x] Augustibuller Lindesberg, 1/8-5/8
Sonic Syndicate, Franky Lee, Charta 77, The Psyke Project, NY Ska-Jazz Ensemble, The Toy Dolls
[x] Plan Three Bryggeriet Live, Stockholm 1/9
[x] Blowsight Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, 4/9
[x] 30 Seconds to Mars Brixton Academy, London, 14/9
[x] Takida Arenan, Stockholm 1/10 Support: Plan Three
[x] Muse Arenan Hovet, Stockholm 21/10
[x] Muse KB Hallen Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 24/10
[x] Eastpak Antidote Tour Debaser Medis, 31/10
Sonic Syndicate, Soilwork, Caliban, Avatar
[x] Plan Three Nightshift, Karlskoga 2/11
[x] 30 Seconds to Mars promotion Stockholm, 10/11
[x] Plan Three En Trappa Upp, Hallstahammar 17/11
[x] Lars Winnerbäck Annexet, Stockholm 22/11
[x] Plan Three supporting Takida, Magasinet, Falun 23/11
[ ] Blindside Kafé 44, Stockholm, 27/11 Support: Breakaway Fraction

Place got full, so we didn’t get in…
[x] Volbeat Club Helter Skelter, Stockholm, 29/11
[x] Plan Three and Mindless, Tantogården, Stockholm, 13/12
Total: 19
(festivals count as one gig, always)