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Nothing But Thieves, Copenhagen 1/2 & Stockholm 3/2

(Completely forgot to actually post this, go me!)

Soo! Hello blog, how you’ve been lately?
I’ve been meaning to write but then sickness got in the way and then life got in way. Life brought a lot of forms to fill in and a lot of phone calls to make (being out of a job is fun!)

Anywho, 12 days ago (well, when I wrote this) I went to Copenhagen to see Nothing But Thieves support Gerard Way and unexpectedly two friends tagged along, which was awesome. Not to the gig, but at least to Denmark.
Spent almost the whole train ride sleeping and when we’d arrived it was directly off to the hostel. Copenhagen Downtown where I’ve stayed before and looking forward to stay again! To appreciate it fully I think you need an extra evening to just hang out at the hostel though, not my usual check in – food – beer – rush off to gig.

I wasn’t queuing this time though, so we spent the day wandering around Copenhagen. In the horrible, icy, wet weather. Seriously Copenhagen, how can you be that cold, that often?
I rambled off to Pumpehuset in time for doors and rushed my way to second row. Not sure what to say about Nothing But Thieves’ gig, because “speechless” sums it up pretty well. Faaaaaantastic. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that their set wasn’t a headline set and that they don’t have an album out yet. So. Get on with it yo.

Gerard Way was headlining and he’s a good frontman. All in all it was more of a seminar with music for troubled teens than a gig and not quite my cup of tea. Glad I stayed to see it though, because why not? Also glad I left the front after NBT because Pumpehuset turned into an oven. Shiiet.
Met up with Elin and Kim afterwards and played pool for a while which was great. Love playing pool, no matter how bad I am haha. And then, to bed!

The day after was actually spent in Copenhagen, since I couldn’t afford rushing off to Oslo and see NBT again. It was really nice to have an extra day, even if we didn’t do that much. Just hung about. Off home in the evening and that was that. Hopefully back in March to see Skambankt at Pumpehuset.

Feb 3rd. I woke up and realised I hadn’t bought my ticket for the gig that evening. Which, it turned out, I should probably have done. Oooh sold out you say? Umm. Oops. It was all solved thanks to twitter (and Nothing But Thieves being gents) though, so I could take myself off to Klubben for some queuing there. And let me tell you, I gave up that notion and sat inside the cafeteria until doors instead, because warm. Managed to get front row anyway, so it was all good!

NBT delivered, as it seems they always do. I was a bit disappointed in the audience, but I always am in Stockholm and at Klubben in particular. Don’t know if I can blame them though. Vibe, what vibe? But I guess the band on stage is most important and they did a stellar job. Hope I get the chance to see them headline (no, The Macbeth doesn’t really count), I think it’d be awesome.
This time I didn’t stick around for Gerard Way but went home to get some food instead. Good choice. Then I woke up with a stomach bug from hell, so maybe not after all.

A great couple of days before I got sick at least!