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Nothing But Thieves, Copenhagen 1/2 & Stockholm 3/2

(Completely forgot to actually post this, go me!)

Soo! Hello blog, how you’ve been lately?
I’ve been meaning to write but then sickness got in the way and then life got in way. Life brought a lot of forms to fill in and a lot of phone calls to make (being out of a job is fun!)

Anywho, 12 days ago (well, when I wrote this) I went to Copenhagen to see Nothing But Thieves support Gerard Way and unexpectedly two friends tagged along, which was awesome. Not to the gig, but at least to Denmark.
Spent almost the whole train ride sleeping and when we’d arrived it was directly off to the hostel. Copenhagen Downtown where I’ve stayed before and looking forward to stay again! To appreciate it fully I think you need an extra evening to just hang out at the hostel though, not my usual check in – food – beer – rush off to gig.

I wasn’t queuing this time though, so we spent the day wandering around Copenhagen. In the horrible, icy, wet weather. Seriously Copenhagen, how can you be that cold, that often?
I rambled off to Pumpehuset in time for doors and rushed my way to second row. Not sure what to say about Nothing But Thieves’ gig, because “speechless” sums it up pretty well. Faaaaaantastic. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that their set wasn’t a headline set and that they don’t have an album out yet. So. Get on with it yo.

Gerard Way was headlining and he’s a good frontman. All in all it was more of a seminar with music for troubled teens than a gig and not quite my cup of tea. Glad I stayed to see it though, because why not? Also glad I left the front after NBT because Pumpehuset turned into an oven. Shiiet.
Met up with Elin and Kim afterwards and played pool for a while which was great. Love playing pool, no matter how bad I am haha. And then, to bed!

The day after was actually spent in Copenhagen, since I couldn’t afford rushing off to Oslo and see NBT again. It was really nice to have an extra day, even if we didn’t do that much. Just hung about. Off home in the evening and that was that. Hopefully back in March to see Skambankt at Pumpehuset.

Feb 3rd. I woke up and realised I hadn’t bought my ticket for the gig that evening. Which, it turned out, I should probably have done. Oooh sold out you say? Umm. Oops. It was all solved thanks to twitter (and Nothing But Thieves being gents) though, so I could take myself off to Klubben for some queuing there. And let me tell you, I gave up that notion and sat inside the cafeteria until doors instead, because warm. Managed to get front row anyway, so it was all good!

NBT delivered, as it seems they always do. I was a bit disappointed in the audience, but I always am in Stockholm and at Klubben in particular. Don’t know if I can blame them though. Vibe, what vibe? But I guess the band on stage is most important and they did a stellar job. Hope I get the chance to see them headline (no, The Macbeth doesn’t really count), I think it’d be awesome.
This time I didn’t stick around for Gerard Way but went home to get some food instead. Good choice. Then I woke up with a stomach bug from hell, so maybe not after all.

A great couple of days before I got sick at least!

Twin Atlantic – Parkteatret, Oslo 14/11

That feeling when you wake up and realise your phone has turned itself off in the night. Risk of oversleeping my train – about 90%. I didn’t though.

Off to Norway, lovely Norway. How I’ve missed Oslo. And the sjokoladeboller of course (that’s chocolate buns for you). Sometimes I wonder if they’re the real reason I go to Norway and any gigs are just a fun bonus haha. I also had the best, and of course most expensive, pizza I’ve ever had.

Managed to turn up for queuing 50min before doors without having a heart attack, something which I feel should entitle me to an award of some kind.
(Typing this to the beat of Audience And Audio haha) <- this was funny at the time. Was number eight and ended up middle front row again. Actually a bit too middle, haven’t seen Craig since Copenhagen. And oh, Oslo venues how are you all so great? Parkteatret, John Dee, Rockefeller, all of them. I should get to take at least one with me home. The vibe the vibe the vibe. A lot of people turned up as well, maybe even more than Stockholm? At least they were all way more into it, though nothing can beat Hamburg crowd wise.

The Xcerts were first on stage (no way!) and did the same setlist as usual. Better than Stockholm I thought, but not quite as Copenhagen. They had a couple of ‘proper’ fans in the crowd which brought the volume up a bit. I do hope the band comes back, would be fun to see them headline.

Twin Atlantic on stage. Twin Atlantic doing a show which may have been better than Hamburg. Sams voice back on track. Great crowd,  Great place. Everything so good I (almost) didn’t mind that Caribbean was still off the setlist. Magic, is what it is. When they said it was probably the best show of the tour they actually meant it. “This or Hamburg, but probably this.” I couldn’t agree more. I still think Hamburg was special but this was… something else, I can’t put my fingers on it.
Wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry when Heart & Soul came on, couldn’t have asked for a better last show of my little roadtrip.

Lovely chats with everyone after the show, bit of tattoo showing and a lot of thank yous every which way. Awesome.
And so it ends for this time around. But not for too long, I shouldn’t think.

Twin Atlantic – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen 11/11

(All written on my phone at different times during the same day or the day after. Tense, who needs it eh?)

Might as well start on today since I’m in the cold with no wifi (woe is me!). Started the day at 5:30am, miraculously un-hungover. Off to Hamburg Hbf and the train. I slept a lot, and it was good. Arrived in Copenhagen and went to the hostel via the venue. As we may have guessed it was empty except for the lonely blue bus outside. Which doesn’t seem rented btw, but owned. Interesting if you find the life and times of tourbuses interesting. I do, should ask someone about this.

Anywaaay. Onwards to the hostel which. is. awesome. Like a cross between my favourites in London and Birmingham but maybe even better. They have a free dinner! Which I didn’t have any of because I had to be at the venue at 6:30 when dinner started. It’s now a quarter past seven and there’s… six of us here.  I could’ve had dinner. And, well here I am. Listening to The Feud and drinking my beer. Thinking they could let us in now please, it’s actually cold.

Might continue this when I get inside. It’ll be my longest post ever haha.
Inside now and we are… 16 people here.
Oops, gotta continue writing here! Small room was lovely, though really I like everything about Pumpehuset. Had some beer and started talking to two danish girls who were standing beside me. Love meeting new people at gigs! Just one of the many reasons I do this. Turned out to be the right kind of people too, did we rock out or what??

The Xcerts came on and I thought they were even better than the night before. So good live, and Shaking in the Water is a bit of live magic. Wish they would have setlists though, if only so I could remember names and order better. There’s one song that’s ridiculously great live with them and I can’t think of the name now at all. (It’s Slackerpop) Oh well, had a great time anyway!

After about 128 toilet breaks it was time for Twin again! Ah, so good. No Caribbean this time though, and still no Cell Mate. Did get to hear Actions That Echo, which was really good live. Above all Oceans came to its right and was AMAZING. That’s how it should be. Crowd was a lot less wild though, but of course it’s hard to keep up the same amount of energy with only about 75 people there. As a result there was a bit less feeling but hey, me and the danish girls headbanged and jumped as best we could haha. Last part of the setlist was unchanged and Heart And Soul really does hold up as a last song. Epic!

Then followed some beer time (I found dry cider aw yeah) before making it back to the hostel where I looked forward to some deep sleep. That I didn’t get. 200 degrees in the room,  definitely getting a bed in a smaller dorm next time!

Pictures, again unedited and taken with a cracked lens phone camera.
Too many as well, I suck at only picking a few.

Twin Atlantic – Molotow, Hamburg 10/11

Monday and on my way to Hamburg on a veery spur of the moment trip. I don’t think I actually calmed down until I got to the venue a bit after six.
Speaking of six, that’s also how many of us that were queuing with 2hours until doors (so strange). And here I was being afraid they’d be too big for intimate gigs in Europe now.

Met Stefanie and Mareike in the queue and they are super awesome! We may already have planned a Royal Blood trip in Scandinavia in March. Oops. Would be fantastic though. I am of course also hoping that I’ll win the lottery so I can go to Berlin on Sunday and hang out again. (This hasn’t happened, since I’m at home uploading this. Oh well.)

Doors at eight, positioned us between Barry and Sam without any trouble. Not to get ahead of myself, The Xcerts were supporting and they did sound MUCH better live than on record, yay. A bit harder and rawer. Good stage presence as well, even if the bassplayer disapperad a bit. That may have been because we were standing so far from him though. (Having seen three more gigs since then, that was indeed why.)

Main act time. Couldn’t believe it (still can’t really), FINALLY after four and half years I was about to see a headline gig with Twin Atlantic. Mad.
Told myself I wouldn’t check the setlist which lasted until someone said Caribbean was on it. Then I couldn’t help myself, and it looked awesome. Except the fact that the song they had taken out in favour of Caribbean was Cell Mate.
(at the other gigs replaced by Actions That Echo)
Not awesome. Only thought of it after the gig though, too excited about all the other songs when I was standing there. Then, of course, it was time for them to enter the stage.

And so started one of the best gigs in my life (if not the best). As much raw energy as 22 but more focused and a presence and feeling the like of which I’ve never seen before. Once again reminded of why I do this. Why all the time, money and lack of sleep is worth it.
Pure. Fucking. Happiness.

When it comes to the gig it was all in from the word go, from both the band and the crowd. Let’s just say I’m hurting badly as I type this. The band had such a ridiculous amount of energy and executed everything SO well. Guitars being ripped to shreds (not quite literally) and Craig blasting the drums was a joy to watch.

Only “bad” thing I can say is that Oceans was an underwhelming live experience. That might have been something to do with it being hot as bloody hell though, two songs in and everyone was dripping. Such a low stage as well, a lot going on. Narrowly escaped bashing my head into Sams guitar (thanks Stefanie!) and got a bit toooo much crotch and sweat action when Sam decided to lean out over me. Please don’t.

After a sweat flying performance of Heart & Soul (great live, whatever one might think of it otherwise) it was beer and cool off time. Hung about the venue for a while then went out chatted for a bit with everyone. Photos were taken by yours truly and setlists signed (not by yours truly). Sam seeing I hadn’t gotten my hands on a setlist kindly went off to get me one. Came back with one page of a setlist that had nothing whatsoever to do with the euro tour and the happy  observation “But it has my handwriting, see!”. And so it does, indeed haha.
Lucky I photographed the “proper” setlist 😉

After that the night was pretty much at an end. Stefanie was a lifesaver and let me have her extra bed (thank you so so so much!). A train ride to Denmark and Copenhagen awaited me in the early morning, more about that in the next post!

And now, pictures! Unedited and all taken with my crappy phone camera that to top everything off has a cracked lens. Enjoy…
(click to enlarge)

Will Sparks, Falun & Sherlock Brothers + Smash Into Pieces, Enköping

Eller, just nu lite mer av ett gäsp.

Hemma igen efter äventyrshelg i frallan (som vårt rullande lilla hotell heter), och lagom mör i kroppen. Först ut var Will Sparks i Falun dårå, inte helt min musik, men gryyymt bra. Hade förstås varit ännu mycket roligare om jag kunnat vara med och ösa ordentligt istället för att stå vid en pelare med extremt ont i magen första halvan av spelningen… Men men! Det var faktiskt en väldigt trevlig kväll oavsett. Sov väldigt gott i frallan sen, med sjöutsikt och allt.

Dagen efter bar det av iväg till Enköping! Jag har fan saknat stället. Det är något med Enköping på sommaren. Till skillnad mot kvällen innan hade vi väldigt gott om tid, underbart. Efter lite nytt smink och ombytande hittade vi en finfin parkering. Bakom spelstället. Mimosa och förfest till tonerna av soundcheck? Why not?

Efter middag inne på Kök & Bar (där de även spelade) blev det vin nere vid scenen, hittade Micke (!! hallå, HUR länge sedan?) och snackade skit tills det var dags för Smash Into Pieces! Grymt bra spelning, duh, eftersom de alltid är grymma live, men jag var inte så inne i det som jag brukar. Vet inte riktigt varför? Möjligen var jag lite för övertaggad på att se Sherlock Brothers efteråt.
Och det fick jag ju!

De blir ju bara bättre. Och tyngre, vad det lät. Inte mig emot! En del nya låtar, kan verkligen inte klaga på materialet. Fantastiskt gitarrsound, awesome röst, awesome allt. Marcus var lite extra metal och slet ett nagelband så det flög blod både här och var. Så. Jefla. Metal.
Inspelning av video till nya singeln (My Way) var det också! Råkar vara årets partylåt, så jag hoppade och skuttade mig sönder och samman. Fyhelvete vad jag svettades! Inte mindre av att de bestämde sig för att köra den en extra gång på slutet dessutom. SÅ BRA.

Efter spelningen var det lite hälsande på folk och tillslut vattenpåfyllning (tack Kök & Bar!) och läggdags i bilen igen. Mys! Åh, och pizza, inte att förglömma. Satt fint med lite nattmat.
Nu är jag hemma och öm i hela kroppen, men väldigt glad! Och ska väl försöka våldgästa Bålsta nästa helg, för det var faktiskt alldeles för längesedan.


Aesthetic Perfection – Babel, Malmö 7/3


För… ca hundra år sedan var jag i Malmö och sprang på konseeeeert. Hade på något vis även lyckats lura med mig Therése och jag måste säga att vi hade sjukt kul.

Konserten var på Babel och det var Aesthetic Perfection som gällde. Vi kom i lagom tid för en drink innan support nr2, Faderhead. Som var galet bra. Eller åtminstone roliga. Och grymma att dansa till! Mer sånt!
Band med självironi is the shit.

Sedan var det Aesthetic Perfection och eftersom vi placerat oss på balkongen såg jag trummisen ordentligt för första gången evaah. Och hur jävla grym var inte han? Ahmagahd. Giget var bra som vanligt, AP är alltid bra. Särskilt när de har okej ljud haha. Efter spelningen blev det häng på Babel, fler drinkar, prat med malmöbor och tillslut ett besök på den “officiella efterfesten” som var helt och hållet totaldöd. Istället tillbaka till vandrarhemmet och lite söööömn innan tåget hem gick.

Well. Change of plans.

Efter att ha köpt biljetter till Göteborg var det bara att inse. Inget Drammen och Skambankt för mig. Istället begravning på alla hjärtans dag. Jag vet fortfarande inte… Hur man förhåller sig till det hela. Det har inte sjunkit in. Alls.
Lilla farmor ❤

Nu sitter jag förvisso här med vad som känns som feber samt dagens andra näsblod. Funderar över kvällen. Hoppas kroppen rycker upp sig, annars blir det nog vila tills imorgon. För DÅ ska det åtminstone bli äventyr.
Roadtrip till Örebro, heldag i staden, middag, spelning. Jag är SÅ taggad. Jag behöver verkligen det här. Äventyr och konserter i mitt liv igen.

Inser mer och mer hur mycket jag saknat det.
Så otroligt mycket.