Twin Atlantic – Parkteatret, Oslo 14/11

That feeling when you wake up and realise your phone has turned itself off in the night. Risk of oversleeping my train – about 90%. I didn’t though.

Off to Norway, lovely Norway. How I’ve missed Oslo. And the sjokoladeboller of course (that’s chocolate buns for you). Sometimes I wonder if they’re the real reason I go to Norway and any gigs are just a fun bonus haha. I also had the best, and of course most expensive, pizza I’ve ever had.

Managed to turn up for queuing 50min before doors without having a heart attack, something which I feel should entitle me to an award of some kind.
(Typing this to the beat of Audience And Audio haha) <- this was funny at the time. Was number eight and ended up middle front row again. Actually a bit too middle, haven’t seen Craig since Copenhagen. And oh, Oslo venues how are you all so great? Parkteatret, John Dee, Rockefeller, all of them. I should get to take at least one with me home. The vibe the vibe the vibe. A lot of people turned up as well, maybe even more than Stockholm? At least they were all way more into it, though nothing can beat Hamburg crowd wise.

The Xcerts were first on stage (no way!) and did the same setlist as usual. Better than Stockholm I thought, but not quite as Copenhagen. They had a couple of ‘proper’ fans in the crowd which brought the volume up a bit. I do hope the band comes back, would be fun to see them headline.

Twin Atlantic on stage. Twin Atlantic doing a show which may have been better than Hamburg. Sams voice back on track. Great crowd,  Great place. Everything so good I (almost) didn’t mind that Caribbean was still off the setlist. Magic, is what it is. When they said it was probably the best show of the tour they actually meant it. “This or Hamburg, but probably this.” I couldn’t agree more. I still think Hamburg was special but this was… something else, I can’t put my fingers on it.
Wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry when Heart & Soul came on, couldn’t have asked for a better last show of my little roadtrip.

Lovely chats with everyone after the show, bit of tattoo showing and a lot of thank yous every which way. Awesome.
And so it ends for this time around. But not for too long, I shouldn’t think.


2 responses to “Twin Atlantic – Parkteatret, Oslo 14/11

  1. Sku ha vært der! og i Stockholm og i København! men.. money, you know :p Må innrømme at jeg er ganske så misunnelig 😉

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