Twin Atlantic – Budweiser Live Project, Cardiff 10/16

Splott Market

Last show of the week!
Went to Wales for the first time ever and saw absolutely nothing on the way there. Having had a night of drunk frenchmen screaming in my hostel room I was pretty tired indeed, so I slept from the moment the bus left London until we stopped in Cardiff. Much needed, but I still would’ve liked to enjoy the scenery.

Anywho, once in Cardiff we proceeded to make our way… out of Cardiff? Not quite, but at least out into an industrial part of town where we eventually found a huge. massive. warehouse. Which was apparently where the gig was going to be. After half an hour walking around it we settled down by the fence and weeds. At least there was a Greggs nearby. I do make it sound worse than it was, we had Greggs and we had speakers so could blast The LaFontaines, Arcane Roots and In Dynamics all day, good stuff!

By the time doors were about to open, there were a lot of people! Well, at least compared to Manchester and Birmingham, where people seemed more content to drop in during the two support acts. All went well on doors at least and we made our way to the front. They had cornered off 1/4 of the warehouse for the gig and it was still massive and above all, freezing. First Twin gig I’ve seen in a sweater and jacket!

Support band number one were talented but not my cup of tea and to be honset in the cold and being that tired I just couldn’t focus. Band number two was of course Dive In and we danced our hearts out! Got a nice shoutout from the stage as well haha.
Time for the last Twin Atlantic show (for a whole week) and I was noticeably tired. Not the best venue either in my opinion, cold and unpersonal. Very rockstary gig from McTrusty which is great but not as fun as the more “personal” ones I’d say. Barry saved the day though, su much fun watching him during this gig and he seemed so incredibly happy haha. Loved it.
Looking forward to Leeds on the 24th, hopefully warmer!


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