Arcane Roots + In Dynamics – Dingwalls, London 15/10

[Public service announcement: Since I accidentally deleted this whole post the following is the shorter and more boring version. Well done, me.]

For the show in London I had decided, very unlike me, to go on a coach in the early afternoon. As I wasn’t queueing this seemed sensible. Also meant I got to eat my very first english breakfast with Jessica in Birmingham, which was wonderful. Less wonderful was the fact that Megabus once again fucked up my bus trip.

While I was fine not queueing I had definitely not intended to arrive after doors (it’s a fine line)((hah, line)). By some inventive dinner, aka forgetting all about it, I managed to get there by 7.15pm and joined the frenchies on second row. All good. First band on stage was Echoic and they were good but I was just too excited about finally seeing Arcane Roots again to pay much attention.

Second support was In Dynamics and here I did pay attention because they are most definitely awesome. Only recently started listening but was instantly hooked, exactly my type of music. Here are the current favourites:

Live was as good as I hoped, and I’m very much looking forward to the headline gigs in London and Brighton! Get to go back to The Barfly as well, been way too long now. They’re supporting Arcane Roots on the rest of their UK tour as well so I get to see them one or two more times there as well.

Then, well, it was time for Arcane Roots. I last saw them in 2011 when they were on tour with 22, a Norwegian band and the reason I went to 5 dates of that tour. Luckily AR turned out to be utterly amazing and so I did the exact same thing that I did with Twin Atlantic. Which was to not see them for four years. (I really need to stop doing that.) But now it was finally, finally time and oh man, they’re even better now! So much energy, so much feeling and the best and craziest crowd ever!  You know it’s great when the ceiling is sweating as well. I was only going to see them in Birmingham apart from London but after this show I might just have to do York as well. And… possibly Paris. Ooops?
Well you know, four years is a lot of time to make up for, no time like the present eh?

Here’s one of their newer singles that I just can’t stop listening to:

Also, special shoutout to Jack (drums, In Dynamics & Arcane Roots) for playing a double set like it was nothing, great job!


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