Twin Atlantic – Budweiser Live Project, Birmingham 14/10

Q Club

BIRMINGHAM I LOVE YOU – Twin Atlantic probably, me certainly.

You just can’t beat the combination of Twin and Birmingham. It’s something extra special, a different feeling in the air. And it’s so, so fucking awesome.

Got into Birmingham with Laureen and Marine just a bit past 12 and while wandering around the station I see a tweet mentioning Twin playing a small set at the library. Ten minutes to go at that time, so this happened:
Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.32.51
Goddamn,  but it was stressful. Got there in time though and tumbled out of the taxi and off to the Budweiser tour bus. Sam and Ross played Brothers & Sisters/Hold On/Oceans/Heart & Soul to all of us maybe 15 people and it was sweet. Happy about Oceans as they’re not playing it on the main set and nice to hear it acoustic.

Off to the venue where we spent the day eating pizza (again, oops) and… Here I continue writing a day later because of, well you guessed it, Megabus fucking up again last night.
Eating pizza and listening to music and it was all good. In we went at 7pm and the first artist tonight had a loop pedal so of course I was instantly in love. Nice mix of singer/songwriter and beatboxing.

Second band was of course Dive In and by this point there may have been alcohol involved and Laureen and I decided we were their biggest fans ever. That said, the sound was also much better than the day before, good stuff.

And then, well, Twin Atlantic in Birmingham. All the love, all the smiles all the dancing and headbanging. Crowd was superb, band was superb everything was superb. You simply can’t beat it (okay Perth, but that was it’s own thing).
Same setlist as the night before just with more energy and more… electricity.
Always a good review when you need to spontaneously hug someone after the show!

[Disclaimer: I have no idea what happened here because next up was obviously CARDIFF and the last date of the Twin Atlantic Budweiser Live Project]
Next up is Leeds (where, it turns out, I haven’t been. That was Liverpool back in 2011 with 22 and Arcane Roots apparently haha, good memory!), and I can’t wait! Celebrating my birthday 3 days in a row, feat. Nothing But Thieves, Twin Atlantic and all the best people!

Headed back to the hostel after having ANOTHER pizza, and I showed off Charlie The Unicorn/Llamas With Hats/Marshmallow People to Danielle and Jessica who had never seen them before. Apparently they’re weird if you’ve never seen them before haha. Rolled into bed  in the middle of the night to try and be alive for London the morning after (worked out okay actually).


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