Twin Atlantic – Budweiser Live Project, Manchester 13/10

Old Granada Studios

What a day. Started off as we know, with a 2-hour delay (thanks Megabus!) and I ended up in the queue at 3pm rather than 1pm as planned. Ah, the stress. No worries though, met up with everyone and had pretty good (but very short) time in line. Doors at 7pm, VERY calm and collected people, not a single runner.

Venue turned out to be tiny and a little strange. Old film studio but it worked quite well. Can only complain about the sound, not sure if it was the venue, the speakers, being middle front row or just a combination of all of them. It was okay when Twin were on but for the both support bands it was not at all good.

Speaking of support bands… The first band sounded good but looked like the thing they wanted least in the world was to be in front of an audience. I think all in all they looked at the crowd for 0.01 seconds. Which doesn’t make for a great liveband. Second support was much better at playing live but had terrible, terrible sound. Very low and incredibly flat. Sounded pretty nice though, very 80’s. Not so sure about having two support slots on this thing though (but maybe that’s just because I didn’t really enjoy them). Would’ve been nice if Twins set had been 6 songs longer.

Twin came on and finally the sound was okay. Surprised by the set, not a single ballad (unless you count Brothers and Sisters). Short and sweet, and a little weird. They seemed to have loads of fun on stage, struck me a bit like more of a rehearsal than a “proper” gig. Which is fine by me, I had loads of fun too, burst out laughing rather than sang along a few times. And of course, headbanging! Always the headbanging.

After the gig it was time for the usual shittalking, one of the best parts of any gig. Gave up on waiting to say hi to any band members though and went for pizza instead (good decision). Then bed! Rudely woken up by a flock of Canada geese the next morning, holy shit they’re loud! Noce walk through Manchester to the bus station where I was actually happy the bus was 30min late, as that meant I could get tea.

Now I’m queuing in Birmingham after enjoying a tiny acoustic set in front of the library. But that’s a story for tomorrow’s post!
Have pictures! (I can resize!)


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