Brighton! Feat. Hunter & The Bear, The Island Club and more…

Note: wrote this post two weeks ago and decided to wait with uploading until  I had figured out how to resize pictures on my laptop since preview crashes and crashes and crashes. The apps don’t work. The wifi hasn’t been working. While I give up on the pictures for THIS post (just for a little while, until I’m not on a megabus and carsick let’s say), I’ll still try to figure something out as soon as possible. So, here you go, no pics but they will be up at some point.

Arrived over a week ago but haven’t updated with anything. A little because I still can’t decide if this should be just a gig and tour blog or feature bits of everything. Not that there’s much else than gigs to it haha.
Also a little because the stress of having nowhere to live was getting to me more than I like to admit. That is sorted now though, sweet basement room with skylights (so I can listen to the rain and pretend I’m in a sailboat).

Speaking of not knowing if it should be only about gigs or not in the blog, I just realised I’ve been to two gigs in Brighton already so it all works out.
Started out with a freshers event at the Hope and Ruin, got to meet some nice BIMM people and see some good bands. The Island Club started off and I for one loved it. Fantastic guitar, great voice, catchy as hell. Only one song up that I can find sadly, check it out!

Next up were Orlando Seale and the Swell, memorable due to the two epic violinists on stage!  Love “unconventional” instruments on stage (looking at you saxophone). The Dubarrys played as well and I admit I didn’t pay as much attention as they deserved because I was waiting for the next band up, Hunter & The Bear! I’d only listened to a few songs during the day, but man were they great live. So much energy! Also a drummer that will just instantly make you happy to watch.  Can’t wait to go to a “proper” show with them. That said, they’re playing London tonight, but I can’t make it as I’m still waiting for my student loans, heh. Next time though!

They sound incredibly american and I love it.

Spent the weekend with a cold from hell, great few days in the hostel common room. In the basement with no windows…
Tuesday marked another night with a gig, BIMM 3rd years playing at Patterns by the pier. Talented musicians even if the music wasn’t entirely my cup of tea. Also the venue where Nothing But Thieves were going to play before they got moved to the Haunt. Have to admit I think the Haunt might be better. Especially as I won’t tower quite as much above the stage there…

Switched hostels as well, still no damn toaster and to make up for having wifi in the room here it’s incredbly, even shittier than at the last place instead. Ah, hostel life. Moving into my new digs on Monday, can’t wait! School starts then too and I’m shitscared and so, so excited! Bring it on!

And of course, have some pictures! Or don’t, actually.


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