Throwback thursday and tattoo memories.

Got to thinking about tattoos. As I’m planning another that’s been in the works for over two years, I’ve just never gotten around to it. Now it’s finally time! The design is still pretty open and I have to find the right tattoo artist in Brighton, but at least that’s pleasant work.

Got me reminiscing a bit about the tattoos I already have 🙂

The first one I ever got was (is) a quote from a Plan Three song (of course it was).
Back then it was still called ‘Left Down Low’ which was changed later to ‘The Common Divided’ before going on their debut album. I remember when Peter (who plays bass) nervously assured me that the line I had had tattooed was still in the song haha. All good.

plan three

(And if anyone’s interested in old version, it sounds like this: )

A couple of years later it was time for a few more, this one gets the spotlight tonight. Music related, unsurprisingly.

Just there felt belonging
My heart which when speaking like roar
Was an echo in stone

This line is from a song by Nephew, from parts of a poem translated from danish to english. Happens to have some amazing lines and one of the best and most goosebumpy parts of a song I’ve ever heard.

If I want to go all meaningful on it, it also represents some coincidences that, had they not happened, would have left my life quite different. That one discussion I found on a forum about interests. That one blog I found there. Those posts about gigs and music and, well, Nephew. After reading the blog for months and dropping a few comments I randomly found Nephews latest album for close to nothing in Gothenburg.

This in turn, led to me deciding that gigs in Stockholm and Oslo with Camilla (who wrote the blog in question) was a splendid idea, and consequently to discovering some best friends and Kaizers Orchestra as well. Unlikely chain of events and I’m forever grateful they managed to happen!

Here’s the tat, and here’s the song.
nephew - Copy

I have more, but these two are the ones I’m thinking about tonight.
Maybe another TBT-tattoo post next week 😉 Gotta show them off right?


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