Twin Atlantic – O2 Academy, Birmingham 8/5

Went to Birmingham. Queueueued in the rain. Laureen arrived. We got barrier. The venue was great. The support was great. Twins gig was amazing, fantastic, wonderful and pure happiness. Sam and Laureen had a moment during WWWC that made ME cry wtf guys.

They went off stage. Me and Laureen drank monster with vodka (heaven in a glass yo). Had more drinks until Propaganda started, headbanged, danced and went to barrier AGAIN when Barry and Ross turned up for the dj set because “it’d be fun if they saw us”. They most defnitely did. Gangsta Barry put on the hip hop tunes and we continued our headbanging/dancing epicness and generally had the best fucking night of our lives.

Until I went to the bar to get a drink and the bartender did not give a FUCK about people so when I went back the dj set was over, oh well. Still the best night ever. DAMN.


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