Twin Atlantic – Brixton Academy, London 7/5

Sooo. I was supposed to blog about these gigs ages ago, and I also thought I was going to do some editing on les photos. As you will see, neither happened. But at least I’m getting something up, finally. And this autumn I’m getting a camera that can shoot RAW, yes indeed.

Anywho, I got into London LATE for the gig. Thank you, signalling problems at Victoria, for that much needed heart attack. So didn’t make it to the hostel to leave my bag but at least I did make it to the venue before the soundcheck thing started. I was very against the whole soundcheck thing, mainly because it included early access and I find it ridiculous that you should be able to pay your way in before the people who queue the whole day. (THIS INCLUDES GETTING IN FIRST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A SPECIAL MOBILE PROVIDER O2 YOU FUCKING RETARDS.)

But then we got in and Twin Atlantic played A Guidance From Colour and it was all oh so worth it. YES. I also got to hear about 30 seconds of Audience and Audio and let’s just say I don’t doubt Sam when he says he couldn’t remember more haha. Happy for the little snippet though. Also got all of Lightspeed which was great. Then back out in the queue after receiving the “special gift”, that turned out to be a flag. SWEET. I dropped it in something within a minute when I got home and it now has to be washed, but still.

(It is now almost 3 weeks ago I started writing this and more than 4 weeks since the gig. Eh.)

The gig itself? Pretty damn epic. My second time at Brixton Academy (first was 30 Seconds to Mars in 2007). Felt very strange seeing them in such a big venue, and my personal opinion is that they’re still better at the 300-2000 capacity range. I really shouldn’t put off writing these things for so long, I barely remember the setlist… I know it didn’t contain Cell Mate, aha ahah. Oh well.  Uh.
Heart and Soul had huge balloons which Barry REALLY enjoyed kicking out at the audience (it was pretty great).

Afterwards we hung about outside for some hours to say hi, which was nice. Craig asked how Germany was, and I’m sure it’s great. As is Sweden, where I’m actually from haha. Sam thanked me again for travelling to see them and my respons was apparently “no problem” haha. Next time it’s gonna be “you’re welcome” I’m sure. I suck at those things. Took a less than serious photo with Ross as well.

Then to the hostel and sleeeeep before going to Birmingham the day after.

Here, have some pictures…
(I was going to edit them, then I gave up because they’re crappy phone jpegs.)


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