Bernhoft – Katalin, Uppsala 4/3

Two nights ago I saw the world’s best live artist.
It was all I expected it to be, and more. Bernhoft is live magic, and everyone should see him at least once. Whether you’re into funk or metal, it doesn’t matter. He’s a genius. I could try convincing you by asking you to listen to the albums, but it wouldn’t work. I could try by showing you youtube videos, which would be better but still not enough. See. Him. Live.

Still, there are some pretty great videos out there.
(So what I’m trying to say is… watch them.)


2 responses to “Bernhoft – Katalin, Uppsala 4/3

  1. Bra du koste deg! Jeg har sett han et par ganger, og ja han er genial og talentfull og alt det er. Men ikke helt noe for meg dessverre. Men igjen genial og talentfull altså! 🙂

  2. Räknade ut att det var 9e gången nu o_O
    Men ja, förstår att det inte är allas kopp te 🙂 (även om alla fortfarande borde se honom en gång 😉 )

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