Nothing But Thieves – The Macbeth, London 1/12

That’s december 2014, I know. I’m quick.

Booked tickets and flights to go to London and see Twin Atlantic in a tiny pub. They cancelled. But the three of us who were going went anyway. And that was probably one of the best decisions I made last year. Want to know why?
I got to see Itch!

No I’m sorry, just kidding, Nothing against him really even if it’s not my cup of tea, just such a weird and wrong support for Twin Atlantic? What was good though, was that I got to meet Mareike (again) and Laureen and we had the best day in London. Walked around Camden and then I dragged them along with me to my favourite place, St. Christopher’s and Belushi’s. I do love that hostel/bar. Had some pretty great food and my staple when in London, Strongbow cider ūüėȬ†Also realised that they had jugs of snakebite for ¬£5 after 5. So of course we hung around haha. After a couple of jugs it was time to move though, to The Macbeth! Not very crowded when we got there so we had a chill time.

Itch was first on stage and it was… weird. Amber Run second and while it was pretty good it didn’t really catch my attention. Headlining instead of Twin were Nothing But Thieves, originally meant to “only” be support. And they made the whole night. What an AWESOME fucking band. What an EPIC fucking voice. Holy shit. And other profanities as well. I had listened to them on Spotify before and while I did like them, nothing had prepared me for the live performance. Intense.

Reason I finally got this blogpost up is that I’m seeing them again on Sunday and Tuesday, this time supporting Gerard Way. I have a feeling it’ll be fantastic.

I apparently took all of one picture of NBT and it’s shit. But still.


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