Plan Three – When Everything Comes To An End (Video!)

Back in November I got the chance to help out with Plan Threes new music video, which was great fun. Moving cinema chairs and buying crisps mostly, but what was really great was just meeting everyone again, and some new awesome people as well! I was just supposed to carry stuff, well, that was until David asked if I didn’t want to be in the video after all. Couldn’t say no, could I? “You know the lyrics anyway, don’t you?” Mm, haha very funny! (I didn’t that day, let me tell you.) I survived being in front of a camera, though barely and the result came out today!

It turned out great, I’m so proud of the band and crew for making this. I’m not usually very impressed with most music videos but I really do like this one. Live shots and a story together, it’s awesome.

Here we go!

Took some pictures as well:


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