Twin Atlantic – Molotow, Hamburg 10/11

Monday and on my way to Hamburg on a veery spur of the moment trip. I don’t think I actually calmed down until I got to the venue a bit after six.
Speaking of six, that’s also how many of us that were queuing with 2hours until doors (so strange). And here I was being afraid they’d be too big for intimate gigs in Europe now.

Met Stefanie and Mareike in the queue and they are super awesome! We may already have planned a Royal Blood trip in Scandinavia in March. Oops. Would be fantastic though. I am of course also hoping that I’ll win the lottery so I can go to Berlin on Sunday and hang out again. (This hasn’t happened, since I’m at home uploading this. Oh well.)

Doors at eight, positioned us between Barry and Sam without any trouble. Not to get ahead of myself, The Xcerts were supporting and they did sound MUCH better live than on record, yay. A bit harder and rawer. Good stage presence as well, even if the bassplayer disapperad a bit. That may have been because we were standing so far from him though. (Having seen three more gigs since then, that was indeed why.)

Main act time. Couldn’t believe it (still can’t really), FINALLY after four and half years I was about to see a headline gig with Twin Atlantic. Mad.
Told myself I wouldn’t check the setlist which lasted until someone said Caribbean was on it. Then I couldn’t help myself, and it looked awesome. Except the fact that the song they had taken out in favour of Caribbean was Cell Mate.
(at the other gigs replaced by Actions That Echo)
Not awesome. Only thought of it after the gig though, too excited about all the other songs when I was standing there. Then, of course, it was time for them to enter the stage.

And so started one of the best gigs in my life (if not the best). As much raw energy as 22 but more focused and a presence and feeling the like of which I’ve never seen before. Once again reminded of why I do this. Why all the time, money and lack of sleep is worth it.
Pure. Fucking. Happiness.

When it comes to the gig it was all in from the word go, from both the band and the crowd. Let’s just say I’m hurting badly as I type this. The band had such a ridiculous amount of energy and executed everything SO well. Guitars being ripped to shreds (not quite literally) and Craig blasting the drums was a joy to watch.

Only “bad” thing I can say is that Oceans was an underwhelming live experience. That might have been something to do with it being hot as bloody hell though, two songs in and everyone was dripping. Such a low stage as well, a lot going on. Narrowly escaped bashing my head into Sams guitar (thanks Stefanie!) and got a bit toooo much crotch and sweat action when Sam decided to lean out over me. Please don’t.

After a sweat flying performance of Heart & Soul (great live, whatever one might think of it otherwise) it was beer and cool off time. Hung about the venue for a while then went out chatted for a bit with everyone. Photos were taken by yours truly and setlists signed (not by yours truly). Sam seeing I hadn’t gotten my hands on a setlist kindly went off to get me one. Came back with one page of a setlist that had nothing whatsoever to do with the euro tour and the happy  observation “But it has my handwriting, see!”. And so it does, indeed haha.
Lucky I photographed the “proper” setlist 😉

After that the night was pretty much at an end. Stefanie was a lifesaver and let me have her extra bed (thank you so so so much!). A train ride to Denmark and Copenhagen awaited me in the early morning, more about that in the next post!

And now, pictures! Unedited and all taken with my crappy phone camera that to top everything off has a cracked lens. Enjoy…
(click to enlarge)


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