[Me] – Brixton Academy, The Fly (live review)

From: The Fly Magazine

In a world where Google is akin to some sort of deity, calling yourself ME is so un-searchable, it’s like gobbing on the proverbial altar. And if that wasn’t enough, calling your single ‘Naked’ sounds like an in-joke that’s destined to leave this Melbourne four-piece on a permanent internet black-list entitled ‘NSFW’. Luckily for our headliners, that doesn’t make a blind bit of difference: a hefty slice of tonight’s consumer pie (minus parental chaperones) aren’t old enough to be bestowed with a national insurance number, let alone any problems with pesky IT types thinking the worst of their internet history.

Strutting across Brixton’s hefty stage, ME belt out the kind of tunes that make the “a bit Muse-y” description that’s been bandied around not totally mismatched: stratospheric falsetto histrionics, staccato drums (a-la ‘Stockholm Syndrome’) and screeching dramatic guitars mean that music writers everywhere could be forgiven for making the comparison. The pitch-perfect harmonies on ‘Vampires’ are closer to Freddie Mercury’s than Matt Bellamy’s, however, and crowd pleaser ‘Like a Fox’ is as lively, poppy and upbeat as it is dramatic.

It’s ME’s inability to take themselves too seriously though that make them so endearing; the band treating us to Anchorman style lunges and theatrics while decked out in military regalia – it’s a total piss take. If ME didn’t have such youthful exuberance, or were a bit po-faced then they would fall flat, but they do, so their schtick works brilliantly. Ignore those distractingly inaccurate search results and check out tracks like ‘Westward Backwards’, ‘Under the Sun’ and ‘Working Life’, you might just be pleasantly surprised.
Josh Finesilver


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