EnglanD Ca22ing!

17maj åker jag (och förhoppningsvis Majken!) till London.
Den 18e bär det av till Bath. Och så hem igen 19e.

Varför åker vi dit?
För att se något av det mest fantastiska jag någonsin hört i musikväg.

°· OXYGEN ·° new song from upcoming EP is streaming N0W <> L0ST · F0UND ·BRE∆TH -· come here :. and then click ’22 player’ on the left.
righT !

‘22’ get ready to release their heavy-edged and euphoric debut UK EP ‘Plastik’ on Best Before Records on the 4th of July and are bringing it live to The Great Escape & Liverpool Sound City. See the full list of gigs below.

‘22’combine the mathematical and downright progressive insanity of the Mars Volta, Muse and Refused with a keen pop sensibility and strong desire to experiment.

True alternative rock performance let fly for the outsider in us all which is about to blow your mind. You have to see this band live!”

Best Before Records

Information från facebook, bilder från Best Before Records.


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