Love love love!

Gonna make Norrköping and Linköping EPIC this weekend!
God, I’ve missed us! We haven’t been the whole Team for three months. That is.. That’s just.. No. Haha oh dear, the Bandit Tour won’t know what’s hit ’em.
Royal Republic will be shocked, Corroded will just shake their heads and what on earth is Per going to say about this? Haha. Only thing left now is to convince Glen he does have to come to Linköping, and bring Magnus with him. Some Hide the Knives added to Team Awesome and there won’t be anything left of Harrys in Linköping after that. Bosse is as of now to be known as Bosse the Spacemachine. He is really the best car/hostel/prepartyplace ever! 😉
Oh I’m looking forward to this weekend so much I think I’m gonna explode. I really need this. Just.. lots and lots and lots of fun!

Adams face when he sees us? I think so.

My oh my…

Love you guys ❤


2 responses to “Love love love!

  1. åh, jag kommer ju krypa ur skinnet på eftermiddagen!! stackars mina medtraffikanter..

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