Was great. Elin and Michaela came over first for some wine and then we went off to Mest for a couple of beers. Surprisingly they played ‘Transparent and Glasslike’ by Carpark North. Sanna & Molly joined us there and when the music got bad we walked to Medusa. With a short stop for coffee (best idea that evening). Medusa was pretty awesome, especially when it started to fill up.

The dj/bartender played his usual trick. This time the other way around though, since I asked for Flogging Molly.
“We need to hear ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ before we leave!”  …suure
What does he play? Why, Dropkick Murphys of course.. So, Michaela and myself danced around like we always do when dropkick or flogging comes on, preventing most people from either entering or leaving the place. And as usual we’re half dead after one song… What comes on afterwards? Seven Deadly Sins. No choice but to start dancing again.
Usually he plays Flogging Molly first and then Dropkick… We always dance. To both songs. And we always want to kill him a little for always playing them in a row, so we can’t catch our breath. Oh well, it’s fun!

Anyway, thanked the bartender for our workout and then left. I went off for a haircut that turned into watching ‘Schindler’s List’ instead. Very good movie. But maybe not my first choice for a saturday night 😉

Today I’m mostly doing nothing. Watching Nephew videos on youtube, has gotten another idea for a tattoo. Thanks to all the videos I really, really want to see Nephew again. They must come. to. Sweden. I can’t afford going to Norway… And the irony that they play in Oslo when I’m in Copenhagen in october… If they play in Sweden when I’m in Copenhagen in november I’m gonna slap someone!Should really be planning for England now, but I’m just tooo tired. Gonna read some Wilde and drink some tea instead.


One response to “Yesterday

  1. haha, jaja, men de e ju “några” timmar 😛

    aha! ska hålla reda på den (och dem, de låter ju faktiskt helt ok!) från och med nu 😉

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