Avenged Sevenfold is coming to SWEDEN!


Why, when I was supposed to be in Germany and see Blowsight of course.
So after 5minutes of hysterical planning I’m now going to see Blowsight in Copenhagen and England instead of Germany. Luckily I’d only spent 30€ on flight tickets, and I can live with losing those. I’m rather more pissed off about not getting to meet any of the fans yet AGAIN. But on the other hand I’ve been waiting for yeeeears to see Avenged Sevenfold. And now my fever is waaaaay up so I’m gonna go to sleep.

And get back into A7X tomorrow. Haven’t even listened to their newest album yet. Blargh. I’m feeling pretty dead. Goodnight.
OBS! Avenged Sevenfold. Ska spela i Malmö. På KULTURBOLAGET.
Det är så jävla litet så jag vet inte vad. Ska bli.. intressant.


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