They played at the Bandit party aug 26th and they were aaaawesome. Only time I’ve seen them before was supporting Linkin Park at Globen and the sound was… Well, rather the sound wasn’t. Had to guess what songs they were playing. Not so this time. And ‘Fell In Love With the Game’.. I mean… heheeeeh. And the energy! Way too small stage for them! 😀
Also, Sonic Syndicate played an acoustic set. Michaela and myself might not have taken it very seriously… Eh. Should have seen us during ‘ My Own Life’. Or you know… Maybe not 😉
Rest of the evening was fun, but not as party as I thought it would be?? Next time! We even went home waay before closing time. Unprecedented?

Got my chance to be fascinated by people again too. Wow. Just…. wow.
Haha and it was so OBVIOUS. Could at least have finished the sentence and THEN chased after ‘im eh? 😉 Oh weeell.
And really, I go to completely the wrong gigs to avoid irritating people anyway. I’m a 30 Seconds to Mars fan for heavens sake. They (some of the fans that is) take every prize there ever was.
So I’m just gonna smile and wave… smile and wave…


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