Frank was here, went to get beer

Olde Enlish cider and Donnie Darko yesterday evening. Not too bad, if I may say so myself. Wonder how many times I’ve seen that movie now.. 10? 15 times? Interesting to see it with someone who’s never seen it before. (Oh, I thought it was Donnie Brasco.. hmm…). Another interesting thing is, when the hell am I going to decide which language to write in? ..Oh, bother.

Can’t believe how tired I am. Slept for 7hours and then another 2.5 when I got home. Still feel dead. Looking forward to spending the rest of the day in the couch. The most I’m going to do is turn the pages in my book and reach for another piece of chocolate. So long. Goodnight.


One response to “Frank was here, went to get beer

  1. London, jaa!!! bara typ 800 for biljetten nu:S ångrar att jag inte köpte när de släpptes, hade ju bara kunnat sålt dem vidare om man inte tagit sig dit.

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