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Waaaah, again. They shouldn’t post stuff like that on facebook just when I’m about to go to bed. Really. Now I had to be up for an extra hour planning how to get to all the gigs and where to stay. Oh, poor me. How the hell do you get to Halmstad?  The bus takes 9hours and it didn’t seem to be any trains. Which is quite wierd. Oh well, I’ll find some solution to that. STOKED 😀

24/9 Arena, Falun
25/9 Klubben, Stockholm
15/10 Brewhouse, Gothenburg
22/10 B&B, Halmstad

15/10 is not only Nickes birthday but my friend Michaelas as well, so that’s awesome. Since she’ll be going to all the gigs with me. No pressure, eheh. I mean it’s Brewhouse, so don’t even think about staying in Uppsala and going to some nerdy Bandit thing that has like a million other dates in Sweden. Don’t you DARE. 🙂
And 22/10 just so happens to be my birthday. Awesomeness.
And looks like the whole of Team Awesome is gonna be in Stockholm and Gothenburg at least. Did I say awesome?

Halmstad. SJ visar förbindelser endast fram till September. Verkar ligga på runt 500:-. Eller så hoppas man på billig traderabiljett till Göteborg och byter till Örundståg där för 168:-.  Sista minuten Sthlm-Halmstad ligger på 470:-. Känns som en stor skillnad mot vanliga priset? Nåja. På något sätt ska det ju lösa sig. It always does.


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