Volbeat announces support acts

For their Beyond Hell/Above Heaven European Tour.

Entombed and Kandidate (formerly known as The Downward Candidate). Not a sign of Blowsight, as far as the eye can see. Oh well, I tried though.
Can’t blame me for trying.
Or Royal Republic for that matter, who in my opinion also would’ve made an excellent support act.

Volbeat News:
“We’ve got no ballads on this one”
Well, Tomas, that sounds promising.
And they have mentioned double bass. Yes please, bring on September!


2 responses to “Volbeat announces support acts

  1. jo i know, the more the merrier men…just nu känns det som ja bara vill ut på fredagen o sen dega hela helgen. meeeeeen things can change (;

  2. jag har aldrig a lot on my mind…haha (;

    ja för fan, lunchpromenad it is! (a.k.a sitta i tanto under ett träd och äta något onyttigt hahah)

    blir väl runt tolvtiden som vanligt =)

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