Glad midsommar!

and good morning. I’m still drunk since yesterday. How lovely. White wine and Jägermeister all night long. Kepp in mind that I DESPISE Jägermeister. It just seemed like a good idea yesterday, woop. Plan Three were awesome live, even more so than at Pier Pressure. A bit harder and faster this time. I only got to wish like two songs (probably more like 50 songs, but those were songs that had no chance of being played). And the reason I asked for so few were because teh dj had already played all the songs I wanted to hear.

But what I think I liked best was the fact that he had no qualms about playing the same song twice. I like. The text reading “I’m gonna play a shitty band now before Plan Three” when he played… er… Still Broken? By Plan Three, was pretty awesome. Too bad I saw it about two hours later, but whát the hell.

And now I don’t have a mobile phone, oh life is….awesome.
And I’m still drunk. And hungover. At the same time.

Today I’m off to Norrtälje with a lot of food, a lot of wine (…yum..) and a lot of friends. Looking forward to it 🙂


One response to “Glad midsommar!

  1. hahha alltså…ja…what to say xD

    vi måste ses imorgonkväll tycker jag. du jag och michan (;

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