West Coast Riot + Smash Into Pieces

So here we go. I’ll just insert gallery so you’ll have to click your way through the pictures. I blame the awesome weather for me not giving this more time, but I’ll shape up with the pics from Pier Pressure. Best bands there anyway 😉

Haven’t got those yet though, they’ll probably be up sunday afternoon when my friend has sent them.

Anyway, about West Coast, I can just say that a litre of wine in one hour is not good idea. I would’ve liked to remember more from Flogging Molly and Rise Against. I remember Dropkick Murphys though, so that’s something..  And I would’ve liked to not completely miss out on Satan Takes A Holiday, The Specials and Dillinger Escape Plan.. Oh well, what can you do.

I was better off the night after when we saw Smash Into Pieces at Sticky Fingers. Great gig!
Here’s pics!


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