I know I’ve been off for a while, but school took over my life for the past week.
Also pissed because the free internet access at the hostel didn’t like this account so I couldn’t blog from Germany…

Anyway, like I said, Berlin was grrreat.
Thursday consisted of walking.. and walking… and walking. 17km Did my feet hurt? Yes. Did my WHOLE body hurt? YEEES. That night we went to a rock club called Sage. According to Me and Michan it would take 20min to walk there… we walked for about an hour, haha, and we’re still trying to blame Therése for that 😛
Great club though… lounge, dancefloor downstairs, good livebands, metal/hard rock dancefloor.. good looking guys, haha.. what a disappointment to come back to sweden 😉

At Sage

Friday… woke up pretty early, had some breakfast and went to the venue. Really scruffy area, kind like a back yard, with lots of cool graffiti! Still haven’t gotten the pics from Therése and Michan though… *evil eye*
Anyway, there was almost no qeue outside and since we’d probably go with Therése to meet up someone from EMI later we didn’t really bother to keep a spot. Having wandered around looking at the building, meeting some jamaican guy and wondered why it said lounge on a brick wall, we went to the store to buy some lunch and just chill.

Later we met up with the guy from EMI, Bollnäs-Martin and someone (Mari) from Bandit Gothenburg, and the two winners of the contest to come and see the band in Germany. They were eating out, but since we’d already eaten we only had some drinks. Really nice 🙂

At the restaurant

After that, it was time for the gig.. Pics will come in a separate post later 🙂
Hung back for the opening act which wasn’t very interesting… good sound, but not for warming up the crowd. The me and Michan managed to get some really good places about 15-20m from the stage. They began with A Beautiful Lie and you stand there and can’t help but to wonder why you do this. Why spend that much money and time on a showcase gig?  The Attack kicks in and you realise 😀 The playes for about an hour and the songs from the new album were really good live!

After the gig Therése went to the meet & greet while we went around looking for where the signing was supposed to be.. Turned out that the qeue for that was outside and it seemed like everyone at the gig was going to line up. So instead, when Therése was done, we went to the supermarket for bread, garlic cream cheese, vodka and orange juice. That is, almost the exact same thing as breakfast. Went back to the venue and had a little picnic then stood last in line for the signing.. (or almost last) being a bit tipsy, I got the most awesome idea!…and here it is 😀

Most awesome bread.

Also got my ticket signed, to have something that wouldn’t mould away, haha. Then we started to make our way home.. A VERY roundabout way home.. Including walking in the wrong direction to find a drum & bass club that turned out to be the day after, posing with a graffitti chicken, singing Plan Three and My Passion songs (links further down) Failing miserably at singing, knocking down Therése with my chin, lying on the sidewalk for about an hour… posing on BMWs.. and finally.. actually getting home!
Michan fell asleep almost directly while me and Therése giggled… and giggled.. and giggled… feeling how everyone just got more and more mad… and then giggling because of that. But it was fun!

On the other hand, we were so tired saturday that we didn’t really do anything except get to the airport.. and the get home.. Haha we were woken up half an hours after check-out time at the hostel.. Pretty awkward..

Going home...

We will definately be back someday!



4 responses to “okay

  1. nope, gick tydligen inte att fixa scandic… men våra jackor brukar ju vara pålitliga!
    alternativet i malung e att vi åker till evertsberg (kanske.. en timme bort?) sover där, men då måste vi ju ändå ta oss till malung astidigt.. så sova där e nog bästa lösningen..

    hey, screaming our sins på bandits bästa ikväll!!! rösta!

  2. det var ju fan typ 17 km bara till sage, grrr. men skyll på mig bara gör det xD

    hahahhaa åååh vad vi fnittrade…de va så jävla kul! haha


  3. gick bra för dig att blogga mer eller? 😛

  4. men jag kan typ ha 70b i vissa….tror jag xD

    finns på kappahl för 249 kronor. finns dock även skitfina i den där modellen på lindex. åååh vill ha allihopa 😛 haha

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