Muse @ Hovet


First off, I got no sleep. Came home at half past four or something after some partying, showered, had a look at my bed, packed, made breakfast and then went off to Hovet at about half past six. Began queing at about half past seven. Already some 50people there. Crazy. When I at last went to bed I’d been up for 37hours. There was no party that night, haha.

As I probably don’t have to tell you, Muse were AMAZING. Nothing beats Muse live. Nothing. The show was incredible, the lights awesome, the songs… well. I don’t have the words to describe it. Got to hear Cave klive, awesome. United States of Eurasia was really majestic live and overall the new songs sounded much better live than on the cd. Didn’t get to hear Bliss, but I didn’t really expect that anyway.

The crowd was actually really good as well, and great energy. Especially for Plug in Baby, Time is Running Out and Knights of Cydonia (which ended the set). I was in the middle of the middle for the last song and discovered some energy I didn’t even know I had left 😀
Right now, I’m pissed off about not seeing them in Copenhagen today.

The Horrors were supporting, great live act and some british goth/post punk is almost always welcome.


4 responses to “Muse @ Hovet

  1. jag oooocksÄ!

    vi mÄste seriöst boka den dÀr helgen i februari och se dem =D

    muahhaa (;

  2. I looove you too!
    Haha jag gnÀller nog inte sÄ mycket mindre sÄ det Àr lungt. GnÀll Àr kul (;

    och tack!

  3. Josse! ny blogg?? Well, de hoppas jag med 🙂 Vore skoj o sĂ€ga hej!

  4. bra jobbat dĂ„!=) ojdĂ„.. vann precis auktionen pĂ„ tradera – verkar som vi kommer pĂ„ rise against!!! WOHO!!

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