These last few days (especially monday) I’ve been very busy planning some roadtrips for this fall. Ryanair nearly gave me nervous breakdown yesterday, haha. Booked tickets for about seven different people to three different places and the website insisted on giving me error messages. But in the end, everything worked out.

It’s unbelievable how focused and full of energy I get when I get to plan trips. I Love It! 😀
So now it’s decided, Michaela, Therése and I are going to Berlin in november (18th-21st) to see 30 Seconds to Mars at Astra (1.700 capacity), got tickets this morning. Everything’s booked except hostel, but we’ve found a really good one. Finally some luck regarding 30stm.

1st-5th december myself, Molly, Sanna and hopefully Elin will be heading town to Germany to see Black Stone Cherry opening for Motörhead. Flight tickets are booked, nothing else though haha. Thing is, none of us (I think) can afford both train tickets from town to town AND concert tickets… So we either need to get in for free, or a lift. But what the heck, we’ll worry about that later! Flight tickets were very cheap anyway 🙂


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