Black Stone Cherry (Göteborg)

bcs 001So, I arrived in Gothenburg tuesday (6th oct), had some tea and pretty much went to bed after that. Never been so tired in my life… The day after I was FINALLY feeling alive. After some hysterical time checking train and bus tickets for michaela it pretty much looked like I’d be going alone to the gig. (Well, not alone, Molly and Sanna from the night before would be there) Then, coming home from a visit in town, some snapshots of a My Passion poster (seemed funny at the time) and two second hand cd’s (AFI – Crash Love, Depeche Mode – Exciter) I’m of course calling Michaela to find out how it goes. And will you believe it, her MOTHER comes up with the idea that she should check last minute flights. Said and done, and in the end she arrives (plane late, missed bus and in the end by cab from the airport) five minutes before Black Stone Cherry comes up on stage!

 She’d missed Corroded, which actually sounded much better than the night before and with a better performance as well. But still, not coming close to the headlining act. Didn’t take that many pics this night, or film for that matter. Just enjoyed the show 🙂 Though I must say, the drum solo would’ve been better without the girls cat-calling behind me. And they did it LOUD. Great songs as always, and the guys looked much happier this night, seemed more like their kind of crowd as well.

I love this backdrop

I love this backdrop

Men in Hair

Men in Hair

After the gig we (myself, Michaela, Sanna, Molly) hung around the t-shirt booth. I thought to get something signed and then realised I had nothing to get signed, go me. But, two tickets at home will do. Got ushered backstage after a while (the guards were pretty much like those at Arenan/Klubben and thought the place should be empty after 15min) and then got on the bus instead.  Met two more nice girls, from Karlstad, but I can’t for the life of me remember their names. Since I wasn’t falling asleep this evening I managed to be pretty talkative and nice ahaha. Well… I guess you can debate the “nice” part. Or at least Joe (lightguy) will tell you I wasn’t. On the other hand, he was better than me on being mean in the end so he’s got nothing to complain about (I thought him a bit too well).  It was pretty much him I talked to, haha, for about four hours. It was nice though. You know, except for him being so short I could barely hear him. Or see him for that matter. Moahaha. Actually, we talked so much the bus started rolling away to Germany before me and Michaela managed to get off. That would’ve been… interesting.

Some "new" friends, haha

Some "new" friends, haha


One response to “Black Stone Cherry (Göteborg)

  1. lite upprörd? xD

    haha ja, det är faktiskt ett heeeelt okej pris =)

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