Black Stone Cherry (Sthlm)

So monday, october 5th I bought my ticket for BSC (at Göta Källare) in the morning and then went off to the stable. On my way home from there Sanna from Bandit Rock 106.3 (the radio station) calls me (they worked together with Live Nation on this gig). She tells me my order hasn’t gone through and now the tickets are sold out, sorry. I don’t think too much about this and gets pretty worried, especially since I’d ordered the ticket from an account with more than enough money and also got a confirmation code.
“Haha I’m just kidding! Wanna meet the band?”
“I.. er.. WHAT?! Of course I do… Sanna you owe me a beer for this! You can’t scare people like that!”

Haha, so, bandit had a special link and if you ordered from that one you got a chance to meet the band. Funny I should win that. So we (Me, Michaela, some other guys who’d also won) got ushered backstage some time before the concert to talk for a while. Really nice guys in the band, even though Chris said about.. one word the whole time. Anyway, the other person who’d “won” like I did turns out to be one of the first torrent developers and he kinda stole the show.

When we were done talking Corroded (swedish band from Ånge, just like Takida) had begun playing so we rushed to the stage to watch. Good live show, but I’m not as impressed as I was the first time I heard them. Good hard rock, but not much more. And the blonde guitarist is just scary o_O
Then Black Stone Cherry takes the stage. And you realise how good they are. You really don’t notice the awesomeness that is BSC when you just listen to the records. Which says alot considering how good THEY are. Not to mention the drum solo… 6.5 minutes of bliss. Video will be up later.



More pics will be up at bilddagboken soon.
I got to hear both Peace Is Free and Things My Father said… amazing songs.
After the gig we hung around to get our tickets signed and all that, and the merch guys asks us if we’d like to hang out on the bus later? Sure why not? We’ve got nothing better to do, and sleep is something you do LATER, haha. It really showed that I should’ve slept sooner though, I said about two sentences on the bus and spent the rest of my time looking up what music they had on their computers. They, as in two of the roadies. Apparently I was pretty scary, or so I’ve heard, haha. Through this we got to know two awesome girls though, Molly and Sanna who were going to Gothenburg as well 🙂 Which reminds me, when we were queing to get our tickets signed Jon (bass) asks us if we’re going to Gothenburg? I was, not to see them, but to see my family. On the other hand, when he offers guestlist to me + 1, who am I to say no? 😉

The tale of Gothenburg will follow this evening.


3 responses to “Black Stone Cherry (Sthlm)

  1. haha, fun times! but.. a small correction.. i think it was john fred that offered you the guestlist… since he gave the little piece of paper to the roadie.. am i right?

  2. “And the blonde guitarist is just scary o_O”

    Jag ahr hört det från sååå många! 😮 Varför tycker alla att Fredrik är läskig? Han är ju huuur gullig som helst ju 😀 haha. han och Bjarne (bas) är väl de jag kan säga att jag känner. De andra är jag väl bekanta med. Per (trummis) verkar oxå tycka att han känner mig ^^ men honom känner inte jag 😀 haha

    Hur som helst så ser Fredrik kanske lite läskig ut på scenen, men han ommer aldrig upp på samma nivå som Robban. ;D haha.

  3. de e väldigt mycket angels and airwaves faktiskt.
    jag trior skivan kommer kräva ett par lyssningar innan man gillar den lika mycket som dem andra….den ör bra men …..ah, väldigt mycket A&A.

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